10 of the best bags: Luggage for the frequent flyer


There’s nothing worse than lugging around a large suitcase when you’re only going away for a short business trip, or finding yourself out of space when trying to squeeze all that you require for a long voyage into a tiny wheelie bag.

Different trips definitely call for different types of baggage! But do you know all your luggage options?

Luggage tipsThe Two-Wheeled Cabin Trolley

What could be easier than extending the handle on your suitcase, tipping it backwards and wheeling it away? That’s what’s made the two-wheeled cabin trolley the most popular luggage item of the modern traveller. And now, the four-wheeled version has arrived, with the promise of expending even less energy to cart it around!

Perfect for: Short trips, be it business or pleasure.

Weekend luggageThe Weekend Bag

Somewhere between a gym bag and a suitcase, this carry-on smart-casual bag is roomy enough to carry all you need for a couple of days on the road, yet compact enough to squash into even the fullest overhead compartment or luggage-laden taxi.

Perfect for: A short business trip or a weekend away.



luggage tipsThe Upright Suitcase

The traditional suitcase, opening into two halves and with handles on both the short and long sides, this can be either soft-cover or hard-shell. Inner and outer compartments increase the space for clothes, shoes, toiletries, accessories and other personal belongings.

Modern materials and wheels mean that upright suitcases are now almost as lightweight and easy to manoeuvre as their carry-on counterparts.

Perfect for: that round-the-world trip!

toiletries bagThe Dopp Bag

The original toiletries and shaving bag – small and square with a zip along its length, it’s masculine in styling and often made from leather or waterproof materials. Don’t leave home without it!

Perfect for: the travelling gentleman



Female travelling bagVanity Case

A compact case for carrying all of the toiletries and cosmetics a women needs, a vanity bag can be soft-cover or hard shell. They come in a wide variety of colours, materials and styles, with loads of useful inner compartments to increase their capacity and keep bottles and jars safe. A vanity case can be packed in a larger suitcase or checked in on its own.

Perfect for: a lady who likes to travel in style

Suit bag


Garment Bag

This is a bag specially designed to carry clothes without creasing them. After laying the garment inside the bag and zipping it up, fold it over and voilá! Just pick it up by the handles and it’s good to go.

Perfect for: the wedding dress you’re transporting to a destination wedding, or the power suit for that important presentation!



luggage bag

The Backpack

Originally the preserve of hikers and other extreme adventurers, the humble backpack has become a popular baggage choice for ordinary travellers too. The backpack’s practical design spreads the load, keeps the hands free, and is spacious to boot.

Perfect for: a day trip or for carrying equipment



The Attaché Case

Look, feel, and be important with an attaché case! The simple briefcase is still a firm favourite of lawyers, accountants, diplomats, and other professionals – and for good reason. Nothing keeps documents and files in better shape than a traditional, hard case leather briefcase. Combination locks also keep documents (and even laptops and tablets) safe and secure.

Perfect for: carrying that all-important proposal across the country.

Travel luggageThe Messenger Bag

Worn over one shoulder, the messenger bag’s practical design keeps hands free and allows for easy access to contents. A wide variety of styles are available, from high-fashion bags to those made with high-tech materials for extreme sports enthusiasts.

Perfect for: carrying passports, tablets, digital cameras and other gadgets.


Businessman luggageThe Laptop Bag

Tablets are great for travelling; however, sometimes the nature of our work dictates that we need to take our notebooks along with us. For that a sturdy, good quality laptop bag is called for – one which gives the option of being carried by a handle or shoulder strap. Laptop bags are good for keeping documents safe and sound, too.

Perfect for: Writers, designers and other businesspeople.


What’s your carry-on and checked luggage of choice?


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